Winery and Vineyards

Bodegas Martínez Herrero, elaboración de vinos a granel desde 1870.


Vineyards in Jumilla

In addition to the best location factors, caring for and pampering the land and the vines is essential, it is what makes them grateful, since it is where our wines are born, a land that produces wines with temperament and personality.

The characteristics of each vineyard and the expression of each variety dictate the process to be followed to produce our wines. Consequently, each year is different, giving rise to different characters that maintain, however, the uniqueness of our wines.

Our vineyards are located in a privileged area, in the high plateau of the Region of Murcia where the farming of vines has been developed for more than 2000 years. Thanks to the location of our lands, they offer us unique flavor characteristics that are transmitted to our wines.

Clay soils are the most common, retaining a higher percentage of water for hot summers and keeping the soil cooler due to their light color.

Despite the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is clearly continental: semi-arid, with barely 300 liters per square meter of average annual rainfall, irregularly distributed, with a maximum corresponding to downpours, sometimes torrential, in autumn and another, smaller, in April.

Very high, since we have 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, and constant winds that clean the vineyard. These are other of its main climatic characteristics, with an average annual relative humidity of 60.4%. A key aspect that gives a characteristic flavor to our wines.


Wineries and Vineyards

The winery is located in Jumilla, in the same place where three generations of the family were already making wine.

Our secret is the true wine culture, the one that teaches the taste for the nature of the land and the character of its producer, from the grape harvest to the bottling. We are committed to process simplicity through product innovation practices.

The facilities of our winery in Jumilla consist of a building of more than 2,500 m2. It is designed for small fermentations, with stainless steel storage rooms, subway tanks, barrel room and packing and filling room.

Three generations elaborating wine in Bodegas Martinez Herrero, a Jumillano winery with its own identity.


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